1. L

    openbox s11 hd pvr

    hi i have open box s11 i want to know why it doesnt take my card in it its skylink whenever i put it in it says channel scrambled is there anyway to flash it or bybass the card or box to accept the card please help. or just how to watch slovakian channels for free that are scrambled
  2. B

    Signal but no picture

    I have a signal issue I am trying to resolve over on general sats but I also have an issue where my box is showing 90% signal at >60% quality but doesn;t have any picture? Openbox v8s with newest firmware and CWAITEs TP list I've reloaded lists, done scans (all scanned non scrambled channels...
  3. B

    Reception issues using CWAITE list

    I have just moved into a new rental way up north in Scotland and the house has no DTV antenna, but has a minidish from the owner's sly subscription - important - he had sly working. I bought an openbox (cheap one to make sure it would do what I wanted before I invest any real money in - but...
  4. P

    Setting up / Pointing Satellite & Openbox

    Hi Team, I need some guidance on the menu and usage of openbox with a satellite i did not set up. Currently i have a large dish (1m+?) that came with the house we just moved into. All wired up but stationary so manual movement. A quick random scan has brought hundreds of Chinese channels...
  5. I

    enigma2 box IPTV player Bug

    Hello i am using iptv in my enigma2 box. i put my channels with normal satellite channels so i can have full epg. i am using OPENATV 6(wooshbuild v6) so when i watch IPTV the channel start with same like satellite channel and i am sure its using the AGENT (Enigma2 HbbTV/1.1.1) problem is if my...
  6. H

    Where to find IPTV m3u line for Openbox v8s

    I want to know where I can find IPTV m3u for Openbox v8s. I tired one on my Openbox but it didn't work, It just had a black screen with 0 kbps on the side. I tried everywhere. Where do these people get IPTV from?
  7. P

    open box v8s itv no name issues

    hi all I've managed to put the .m3u file on box and channels work but the listing shows as no name I've updated the firmware via the box with ethernet plugged in but problem still appears also tired editing the .m3u in notepad so it has no gabs but that didn't work either I've been trying to...
  8. R

    CCcam on openbox v9s

    I have CCCam server in my openbox v9s,all channels are showing as scrambled. I contacted my provider he said server is online for me to check network connection to my box, the box is connected to my router but not working at all. Some people have said the reason my channels are not working is...
  9. M

    Need urgent help... V5S Openbox

    Hi All Im new on here and apologies for the 'urgent' post im sure there are plenty urgent messages but I really need help. Quick intro - Im not really a tech guy... just know basics! So..... I have an openbox v5S with the 'warranty' package no longer running. I have been told IPTV system is...
  10. R

    Loading IPTV (tsmedia) onto Openbox V8s

    Good day all, I have an Openbox v8s and I'm trying to load an IPTV service, that works brilliantly on other devices, ideally want to put it on my Openbox V8S. I have follow the instructions here but it still says 'Failed to load m3u' yes it is called WebTV.m3u I have tried several formats of...
  11. N

    Openbox visit help

    So I had a n line for sky channels and I know that sky have encrypted alot of there channels so won't get any back. So my question is, does anyone know how I can access all the channels with another line please. Killing me not be able to access the kids channels for my little one and the movies.
  12. B

    Iptv on an amiko mini combi

    Can it be done, I know there is a net media in the menus. Is it similar to the openbo
  13. B

    Iptv on an amiko mini combi

    Can it be done, I know there is a net media in the menus. Is it similar to the openbo
  14. W

    Iptv openbox no name channel problem

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to tech kings and have an interest in certain aspects of these posts. I am a visual programmer with over 20 years experience. I've noticed that a few people are experiencing problems with using the iptv service on their almost dead openbox. Well let me inform you the iptv...
  15. M

    cheapest cable box?

    i use to use the f5 open box but now ssn and other channels gone looking at getting a v/cable box any ideas whats cheapest around
  16. W

    IPTV beware of this seller cryptv

    Just a heads up, keep clear of provider in video selling subs , he is a conman. If this post does not belong here please delete , I just want to warn folks and hopefully save them from becoming scammed.
  17. C

    IPTV on openbox v8s???

    Hi just wondering if you can get IPTV on openbox v8s? If so is the openbox v8s good for IPTV or is it worth me investing in a new box? Thanks
  18. T

    one Openbox v8s scrambled the other one works ok on the same line.

    Hi, I have two Openbox v8s and one is connected straight to the router downstairs by Ethernet cable , the other one is upstairs and is connected by ethernet and runs through Tp-Link plug. They both run on the same code/line that i bought from a multi-room supplier, which i have been in touch...
  19. minnowman

    Brand New Openbox/Skybox Picons (Channel Logos)

    9th April 2017 Openbox/Skybox Picons Brand New Picons (Channel Logo's) *Updated Picons 09.04.17* Link is below YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN UP JUST CLICK ON DOWNLOAD See Tv Picon added New Vision Tv Picon added Bon Picon added dbn updated Picon added Front Runner updated Picon added Quest Red...
  20. N

    no signal message.

    Hi, my line is on, I'm getting BT, but I have a no signal message on all sky channels, any help appreciated.