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  1. Chess010

    Whole house wifi

    Can anyone recommend best way to ensure gaining solid wifi signal throughout 4 bedroom house such that do not get dropping out of signal. am getting family grief from this happening despite various extenders setup throughout house. should I get new router or modem? If so recommended makes and...
  2. R

    H2s no signal

    hi I think i have exhausted all avenues, apart from asking here I have h2s which is not picking up a signal So i have factory reset and flashed with openatv 6.1 i have a 2 cables plugged into the correct ports (top and bottom right as looking from rear) i go to service searching/tuner...
  3. A

    Kryptview A780 not picking up transponders

    Hi I have a A780 with a working Nline. Most all of the channels were coming up as no signal or scrambled, apart from one Sky sports channel. I did a tp and channel scan but to no avail. I then did a factory reset, but after that every time I go to scan it doesn't register the tp scan, only...
  4. B

    Signal but no picture

    I have a signal issue I am trying to resolve over on general sats but I also have an issue where my box is showing 90% signal at >60% quality but doesn;t have any picture? Openbox v8s with newest firmware and CWAITEs TP list I've reloaded lists, done scans (all scanned non scrambled channels...
  5. B

    Reception issues using CWAITE list

    I have just moved into a new rental way up north in Scotland and the house has no DTV antenna, but has a minidish from the owner's sly subscription - important - he had sly working. I bought an openbox (cheap one to make sure it would do what I wanted before I invest any real money in - but...
  6. M

    Lost signal 28.2e

    I have a problem with my gigablue quad plus which is running vix.It is detecting no signal from my sat. I thought it may be the f connector but as it is a twin cable, I have ruled this out as it wouldn't happen to both at the same time. I have also tried scanning with both tuners to no avail. I...
  7. CJ1988

    Downstream levels/signal

    Hello everyone i have a few channels where the signal fluctuates, i've read a few posts that it could be the downstream levels causing the signal issues. Could anyone have a look to see if there ok thanks.
  8. Signal


    Signal Strength
  9. H

    signal in loft

    Please help guys my boy in the loft doesnt get a wifi signal and is using all his data , what do i need to get him a strong signal , i have networking plugs up there so i do have the ethernet option for a extender repeater ... just dont know what to get with a £40 budget cheers guys
  10. J

    No cable signal

    Hi Guys, Just spent a couple of hours trying to sort this out and I am stumped. Please can someone help? Brand new H2H with wooshbuild V6 and both Sly and VM attached. I get a sly signal and terrestrial channels but no cable signal. I have used the cable from the back of the VM box, that was...
  11. D

    Zgemma (iPab image) signal problem

    Hi I am a complete newbie to zgemmas and literally have zero knowledge at all about them. I have a zgemma and have had a problem since having it (on and off) but the problem has got a lot worse lately. My signal (even on FTA) keeps hitting 0% randomly. It can be as high as 95% one second and 0%...