Please help guys my boy in the loft doesnt get a wifi signal and is using all his data , what do i need to get him a strong signal , i have networking plugs up there so i do have the ethernet option for a extender repeater ... just dont know what to get with a £40 budget

cheers guys
There are lots of choices. If you already have a homeplug up there somewhere (it does not need to be in the same room/loft), you can simply connect a router's (such as one below) wan port to the homeplug and bingo you will have an independent, highly customisable, wifi (or even small file server) service up there. You do not lose the homeplug socket, so to speak, because these routers come with a socket.

or even better (more powerful, relevant for other purposes) still

These cigarette pack sized routers also have numerous other applications. Read the user comments.
ordered the 2nd one , cheers i`ll let you know how i go

is it plug n play ?

It is, in that all you need to do is to connect the wan port of the new router to your homeplug with a RJ45 cable (you supply), and power the router up by plugging the mini usb power cable supplied to any standard powered usb port/plug (you supply), wait 30 seconds or so, and you should see the wifi signal showing up as GL-AR300M or similar. The default password is on the piece of paper.

You should find that the wifi signal from that little box is stronger than your ISP's router (e.g. when placed side by side), no matter which ISP you are with. If you have an Android smartphone, I would recommend Wifi Analyzer from Google Play if you do not have it already - it will allow you to find out what all the neighbourhood wifi signals look like while you walk around the house/garden, and inform you which channels (1/6/11) to set your routers to minimise signal overlap/interference. It is usually best to ensure your routers occupy different channels.

bit late to the party,
and, even though its been sorted,
this may help others out,
a lot of supplied routers/modems can be configured to be used as wifi switches, as long as you have ethernet available to them,
I currently have 4 or 5 talktalk HG533's and an old sky white netgear DG834 configured this way
you can disable the DHCP and the modem side of them and simply plug into the wan ports
the sky supplied routers need flashed with aftermarket FW though.