1. E

    Iptv Help?

    Hi. Looking for IPTV for Zgemma H2s box All sky uk and Ireland and PPV with 3pm's if that is ok. Please include instructions to install as I am new to this. Test if you can please
  2. P

    New Cable Box

    Hi Sorry for asking the same question many do. I have read other threads but want to find the best box for me among all the options. I would like a decent recordable cable box. The option of an additional sat tuner would be great but not a must. As i imagine i wont be missing out on much if i...
  3. D

    Sky box office not working

    hi My sky box office previews are not working.. just a black screen.. I am wondering if there is a fix for this? Or will there be a fix for 29th April for the AJKlitschko fight.. any fixes/advice will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Haroon Mustafa

    How many boxes can i have in my house

    Hello, I have a zgemma star h.2s working with sky sd and virgin media channels (hd). I would like to set up another box and subscribe to a line. The other box will be upstairs. I have a few questions regarding this. Will I be able to get FTA channels on the upstairs box? My dish is already...
  5. S

    Zgemma h2s on EE internet

    Hi all I have a zgemma h2s at moment and it's great and spoke to my sister about her getting one and she said she's on sky at moment and can cancel but the internet is through ee orange and was wondering if she needs to cancel orange and get a internet connection through sky. Thank you to all...
  6. W

    Box office

    Hi has box office gone for good on the sky lines? Also any idea when the ssn and sky sports 4 will be back or if they will? What going on with the sky thing is it going to all go soon? Thanks for any advice newish to this and worried my box may become useless
  7. afterburn

    IPTV with sly broadband.

    A mate wants to get a mag box ,he has his broadband with sly. Is this a no no with the providers or does it matter?. I'm in Ireland.
  8. S

    Guide to motorized dish & what's available?

    With the potential for Sky to go completely dark, is there a full guide anywhere for what's available via a motorized dish? My search was unsuccessful... Ultimately I only really want Sky for the live sports. The solution needs to be wife-friendly, so IPTV isn't ideal (no epg). Virgin isn't...
  9. Nigel Fotherby

    Zgemma H5 2s Problems

    Hi I am a new user to the cable side, I had an Openbox V8s with just the none HD channels, but wanted HD so got a twin H2s. I have had the box for 3 months and its been perfect, just starting to get some issues that are really bugging me. I stupidly did a built in update, I got told I should...
  10. C

    SSPPV anywhere to find it?

    Hi guys I understand the situation with the channels atm. I'm using zgemma h2s on wooshbuild v5, I have went to the wooshbuild tv section and can find sly sports news etc. I cannot find the PPV Channel. Is there any way to find this or is it not possible? WrestleMania tomorrow would rather...
  11. N

    no signal message.

    Hi, my line is on, I'm getting BT, but I have a no signal message on all sky channels, any help appreciated.
  12. MrThing

    FTP Picons

    Hi guys, Did a search but couldn't find details of how to FTP picons on Sucmnsee build. Tried to install wooshbuild this morning and the build looked awesome but couldnt drop MGcmd or NEwchn.list to var/keys via ftp. How do I get WOOSHbuild Working? MrTHing
  13. I

    Missing EPG on Zee Indian Channels

    Hi everyone. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. I am running openatv 5.3 and since yday i have not got any epg listings for the 3 zee tv indian channels. Tried to do manual epg but same thing and deleted the .dat file and downloaded epg again but same thing. All the other channels epg seem...
  14. Andy Mcd

    Andy Mc Open ATV-6.1 2.0

    OpenATV 6.1- Backup image set up for cable H1+H2 Zgemma Models. Fully Updated 22.11.2017 Autobouquets 2.9 - Fixes Audio Issue All Software updates completed as of 22/11/2017 Picons Updated Kiddacs Vskin HD 2.006 Kiddacs Slykhd_5.230 +Mods With a modded version of Kiddac's Slyk1-HD 5.230...