1. 8valia

    None of the paid international channels working

    Hi guys, non of the premium international channels are working. Anyone else got the same issue or does any1 know what’s going on ?
  2. 8valia

    epg won't show

    Hi, I currently have open atv with slyk skin of kiddac's. The issue is that the epg won't show unless I go onto a channel and then it loads it up. I've attached an image of what it looks like. Anyone know how to fix this?
  3. 8valia

    sly1k skin epg layout

    Hi, I've download openatv and installed it with Kiddac's slyk skin. I'm trying to change the epg layout. The current layout looks like this image attached. I want the layout to be like the layout below with a small screen when I press EPG. I have looked at kiddac's notes on how to change...
  4. R

    Audio Description zgemma - star

    I seem to have audio description on some of my channels. How can you switch this off?
  5. W

    Black screen on all pay for channels

    Woek up this morning to a black screen on all my vermin channels has anyone got this? Done the usual reboots and rescans and router reboot Nothings has solved it. If anyone knows anything or is having the same issue can you let me know thanks
  6. W

    Hdu and splitters

    hi all, Looking for a bit of info have my vigin feed split 3 ways . Router and 2 zgemma boxes. Getting a bit of jumping and glitching and have tried a few providers even the 80 quid a year ones and it still done it also broadband drop outs. Doesnt happen when i take out splitter. Have used...
  7. 8valia

    Boxing fight on Sunday morning INSTRUCTIONS

    Press "Fav" or favourites Press "red" for all Scroll to the channel PPV Slate or Prime Events or Sky Events. Sky Events and Prime Events can also be found in the red button section If the channel does not exist around about the time when the programme is about to start(12am or then at...
  8. ellobee

    VM ROI Suppliers

    Can anyone from ROI tell me if there are still VM ROI suppliers out there and if so whats the service like and average price
  9. W

    Vm previews channel black screen

    Hi all, My h2h gets its epg from the vm previews channel its zaps to it every morning for a few mins and gets the vm epg. I have a h5.2tc as well but the vm previews channel is just black on this box for some reason. Someone else set the box up for me so they have set up some other epg. I was...
  10. W

    Is vm shutting down cardsharing

    Hi all just looking for a bit info on vm card sharing, will it be going the same way as sky and going off? Also heard that from now on all ppv on vm card share will not be shown as the have blocked it is this true? thanks
  11. 8valia

    ZGEMMA H2H Not working on vermin

    Hi, My mate has bought a zgemma h2h and it keeps and glitching every 10 seconds. The same box I tried at my house and it works fine. It's using a vermin line and he has vermin tv package which works fine. Images attached are the information when from the vermin ti*o box. Does anyone know why...
  12. Screenshot_2017-06-12-20-36-52


  13. 8valia

    Hd channel not working

    Hi, It seems like sly hits HD is not working in but is working in SD. Anyone else's HD not working? Vermin line
  14. 20170609_195333


  15. 8valia

    zgemma h5.2tc dvb-c hybrid tuner

    Hi, I have a Zgemma H5.2TC box. I have a single vermin line running on the box. I have enabled both tuners so that I can record on one and watch on another, but just from one line. For some reason glitches a lot on the international channels when both channels are enabled. Do you think it's...
  16. 8valia

    VU+ UNO 4K Setup

    Hi, I have bought a VU+ Uni 4K setup. I want to use the IPAB image. I have added the image to the USB but when I plug the USB into the box, it won't flash. Any ideas how to flash the box or alternative images ?
  17. A

    Zgemma H2S Cable Tuner Plugin

    Hey all. I was curious as to weather there is a plugin which would allow me to tune cable tv into my H2S instead of having to invest in another box (H2H).
  18. 8valia

    zgemma cable output F connector

    Hi, I currently have a zgemma Star H2. A mate of mine has bought one but his F connector which he is using for the virmin cable fits in and show's the channels on tv, but the F connector is not tightly screwed in. Mine in tightly fitted, but I cannot see much difference with my F connector and...
  19. S

    VM going cardless

    Couldn't find this anywhere but VM moving all their STBs over to cardless system. Does this mean days over for VM CS?