1. T

    SKYBOX - CCcam going forward or Alternative

    Hi All, Was wondering if I could ask some guidance from the good people on here about what is possible going forward. I 'use' to have a CCcam line that worked on a skybox but is pretty much redundant now. Whats the alternative now? I've read about IPTV, cable boxes to use with V**gin, VPN on...
  2. sharky235786

    Zgemma h2h cccam

    Hi having problem installing a Cline to my zegmma using it on a virgin line.
  3. Halopenos


    In ROI, should I be able to get HD channel versions of the Sky Sports / Movies selection etc. as i'm only getting the SD ones. "Swap channels" in ABM is set to yes and i've rescanned but still only showing SD versions still? Can anyone help me with this as I am meant to receive the HD Sky...
  4. 20170914_185859


    My router monitor
  5. 2017-09-14 11.03.44

    2017-09-14 11.03.44

    Network Log
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    2017-09-14 11.03.35

  7. 2017-09-14 11.03.28

    2017-09-14 11.03.28

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    Network log
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  10. 20170913_094005


    My splitter
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  12. Mine


  13. F

    IPTV cuts off every morning

    Box: Mag 256 W2 Internet: Virgin 150MB Powerline Adapter: TP Link Hi Guys I've read a lot of fixes from you guys to try and resolve this issue i'm having but haven't found one which has worked as yet. So i thought i would join and ask since i'm not sure anyone else would be able to help...
  14. M

    Need urgent help... V5S Openbox

    Hi All Im new on here and apologies for the 'urgent' post im sure there are plenty urgent messages but I really need help. Quick intro - Im not really a tech guy... just know basics! So..... I have an openbox v5S with the 'warranty' package no longer running. I have been told IPTV system is...
  15. D

    OTHER Man cave / summer room football watching

    I have a xtrend 8500 dual tuner cable box in my front room with the virmin broadband router and a additional TiVo box in the back room. The xtrend is a great bit of kit and I have never had any issues with it for almost a year with help from the people on this site.. Having my garage / workshop...
  16. W

    Vm previews channel black screen

    Hi all, My h2h gets its epg from the vm previews channel its zaps to it every morning for a few mins and gets the vm epg. I have a h5.2tc as well but the vm previews channel is just black on this box for some reason. Someone else set the box up for me so they have set up some other epg. I was...
  17. W

    Is vm shutting down cardsharing

    Hi all just looking for a bit info on vm card sharing, will it be going the same way as sky and going off? Also heard that from now on all ppv on vm card share will not be shown as the have blocked it is this true? thanks
  18. P

    Sky and vm running at same time?

    Hello I currently have my zgemma h5 2to set up with the latest woosh and its connected to virgin. I also have a sky line which I am currently using my my old skybox f5. I know I can run the sky line on the box but wonder if both sky and virgin can be set up on the zgemma box? Reason I question...
  19. C

    Zgemma H.2H Install - VM, Sky and IPTV

    Hi all, this is my first post so sorry if it's in the wrong section. I had an Openbox with Sky but as we all know most Sky channels have stopped working on them. As football season is fast approaching I've ordered a Zgemma H.2H box and need some help with setting it up. I've bought the extras...
  20. W

    Recording issues h5.2tc

    Hi just got my box running vix, box seems to have issues when recording more than one show. Show on my cable tuner was fine but the show on my sat tuner was glitching on playback non stop. Any ideas what could be causing it my sat line and cable lines have been fine for a good few months on my...