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If you're UK based and want to stream IPTV, i would add NowTV/Sky and Post Office ISP to the list as these block the most.


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Virgin media only block ranges, but their in house virus protection blocks a lot of iptv. As long as they are turned off, you shouldn't see any issues.
Is this another one of those one knows more then other responses


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I'm a little baffled why some are not so keen on VM, VM are 2nd only to B4RN imo, rock solid service at true stated speeds, no down time unless an actual fault which is rare. routers come with settings already turned off according to VM engineers I've spoken to on the street, (had 3 routers in recent years & all have come without needing to change router settings, I have checked & websafe was off), No VPN needed with my service provider although I do have a couple on the system in case of a DNS detection, the only time I need to turn on the VPN is when using E2iPlayer as some repositories are VM backlisted via domain, none blacklisted repositories work without a VPN


I once tried a vpn, a free one and my speed almost stopped lol. No surprise really cos I have a slow connection anyway. Luckily my iptv hasn't needed one yet but I'm not with any of the major isps so maybe thats in my favour.


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I can only speak of my own experience can't say VM are any bad at blocks than other ISPs.

If you have the correct settings turned off and with a provider that doesn't require a VPN more often than not you would should be fine.


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Virgin automatically blocks a whole range of websites, including some streaming services and some torrenting sites
all the main service providers (except B4RN) domain block on the better known/popular sites, most block the same domains but there are some slight differences depending on your ISP


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As an -------, I can tell you that if you need VPN or if any IPTV Provider suggests you to use VPN cause of ISP.. Run. Just run..

It means they're not experienced and they need some more time to learn about their job.
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