1. M

    Parental control pin on Zgemma h9s Se

    Hi everyone im new in here , but i have a question , i have a Zgemma h9s se box , but the problem is that some normal channels ( like sports channels ) have the parental control pin protection for some reason , i never changed the parental control pin so it should be default but i type 0000 and...
  2. HiTecK

    Fury Vs Whyte IPTV streaming online FREE

    Who you got for tonight's fight? I'm predicting Tyson to knock Whyte out in the 8th round.
  3. J

    What is the best Enigma 2 box

    Looking for a new Enigma 2 box which is capable of running IPTV/ Normal satellite will probably install wooshbuild. looking to be able to record a satelite channel whilst watching another i currently have the zegemma h2s but its really slow now so looking for an upgrade. Would really...
  4. mike123

    Guide A Guide to IPTV.

    Boxes. My advice is always go for a android box with iptv. I would advise always go for a mid range well proven box. If you cannot afford that go for a firestick. reviews can be found here: Android Based Devices Reviews Suppliers This is the most difficult area basically you are advised to take...
  5. W

    New box

    Ho guys looking for opinions/help have a h5.2tc box is starting to play up not finding hdd and usb freezing lots when going through menu. need a cable box preferably twin tuner . so far reasonable price i have seen gigablue x2 can pick your tuners. any help would be appreciated.
  6. _BAZ

    Is there a media player box that can do this?

    What’s the best way to achieve the requirement for a piece of hardware that can be plugged into a TV or big screen and it will automatically play an infinite number of videos, on shuffle and in a continuous loop, without any need for user interaction beyond plugging it in? It’s for promotional...
  7. J

    Best android box about for £150

    Hi There what is the best android box for my budget i have a firestick but looking for a bit more power. I use IPTV On another box so that doesent matter i will be using kodi and other apps like cin**a apk and tit***um apk thankyou help would be much appreciated , J
  8. Kerry45

    Zgemma H2H...FREEZING?

    My Zgemma h2h keeps freezing. And not fault worh signal or meaning picture freezes. Box freezes and can't use remote etc. Have to keep switching off at back . Any ideas.? Using grogbuild openatv 6.1
  9. W

    Any comments/suggestions about the Tiviar Alpha+ box?

    Hi guys, was looking to buy another Formuler F1 box which I also currently have set up for the in-laws as im looking to replace my old h2h box. However It appears as they are no longer being sold. I know have this box on for £99, but has anyone got this box or any experience of using it? Or...
  10. hulkster1974

    Technomate TM-NANO_SE m2 plus

    Hey guys bought a replacement remote for my box but no instructions on how to pair anybody got any ideas the remote i got was a technomate tm-5402-hd im reading that this remote inst compatible now
  11. R

    Line request

    Could somebody send me a line thanks fro DM800 HDPVR
  12. bigwayne1976

    now tv box

    i got a zgemma h2s with sly broadband running at 2.5 mbps,tried iptv and struggled a lot.bought a day pass for now tv box at 3 quid yesterday to watch the football and it streams perfect,can anyone tell me why or whats the difference?
  13. A

    Zgemma h2h signal

    Hi I recently bought a zgemma h2h box and connected it up for it to work brilliantly. However i tried to be a hero and do a openatv flash and wham things suddently took a turn for the worst. I spend hours sweating and scratching my head thinking how!? I cant seem to get any signal at all on...
  14. 8valia

    zgemma cable output F connector

    Hi, I currently have a zgemma Star H2. A mate of mine has bought one but his F connector which he is using for the virmin cable fits in and show's the channels on tv, but the F connector is not tightly screwed in. Mine in tightly fitted, but I cannot see much difference with my F connector and...

    Kodi box users could face up to TEN years in jail
  16. dt99

    Can anyone recommend a twin tuner cable box?

    Due to the potential issues with sly, I am considering getting a cable box, as I can get a virmin connection where I live. Can anyone recommend a twin tuner cable box, all I can seem to find is a 1 sat/1 cable box, but I want the ability to watch 1 cable channel and record another.
  17. G

    Switching to IPTV , what box should i buy?

    Hi all , i am gonna move over to IPTV following the well publicised problems with satboxes at the moment. What box for IPTV do you recommend people get and why ? Thanks for any help ! Cheers
  18. Deanavfc

    New dish help

    I have a sky q dish which I'm planning to reuse later for 3 bedroom boxes. I'm struggling to understand what kind of dish I should get for my main box downstairs. If I go with a motorised dish will I be able to get much benefit from it? I'm not really sure what the minimum requirement is for...
  19. systemlord

    Enigma 2 Box Recommendations For Streaming HD IPTV

    Hey all, I've managed to set up my IPTV sub on my zgemma H2S and got it just the way I like it with bouquets, EPG, etc. But, I find that the zgemma struggles to handle the HD channels whereas the SD equivalents play fine. It's not a problem with the channels because they play fine on other...
  20. J

    Edision OS Mini

    Hi Guys I have an Edision OS Mini box that has twin tuner, 1 for Sky 1 for Virgin, Am I Able to swap the Sky one for another Virgin one to have twin tuner Virgin or is this not possible. Thanks.