DSi firmware 1.4


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The dsi firmware 1.4 has been released and is said to block flash cards as well as improve the camera,give it a few days and see what firmware is released for your flash card before you update,or take the chance and update(y)
well done sinno, i must get on to some people and tell them not to update just yet.
after all my giving out about r4s,the r4i is able to bypass the 1.4 firmware,i wouldnt go rushing out and buy them,just means other cards should be able to work around it soon
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A colleague in work uses the R4i card and has no problems with them, he just prefers these cards to anything else, the same way he prefered the R4.
good to know that the 1.4 software doesn't kill them, and as you say it probably means that the other cards will be okay as well.
The EZFLASH Vi has now been shown to bypass the 1.4 firmware update,pretty sure all cards will be back online soon(y)(y)
good to see that it was only a temporary problem sinno, and a little scaremongering by nintendo:eyebrow:
Hi Groussy67
its been out since june,in frecks post above where he has" here "written click there and you will get what you need