1. N

    STBemu issue when switching channels. Any fix?

    Hi. When I switch channels, some of them don't switch the picture (shows previous channel), then if I wait a bit longer it switches the picture and starts glitching - goes from one channel to another in like 10sec. periods. If I switch channels slowly from one to another - specific channels...
  2. Ferret.

    Kraken TV Latest

    With the app Kraken TV, you can watch dozens of different TV channels from the comfort of your Android device. Watch channels from more than a dozens different countries, including the United States, Spain, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, and Uruguay. Kraken TV stands out from similar apps for being...
  3. J

    Audio Described Programmes Enigma 2

    Hi guys On my sat channels i am getting Audio Described Programmes on some channels sometimes such as Channel 4 BBC etc where a narrator talks over the programme im running wooshbuild with auto bouquets making my lists, does anyone know how to turn this off would really appreciate any help...
  4. C

    Zgemma H2H Issues

    Hi Guys, I hope everyone is keeping well. I know this has been asked a million times but after hours of searching through forums I am giving up and asking the question. So I was having issues with my image (no pause or record function) so decided to flash to a new image (Open PLi 7.2) apart...
  5. W

    Bt sport

    Is there something going on with bt sport channels the disappeared from boquet then xame back worked and now on bts1hd message saying factual channels have moved. 2&3 not clearing. Theres a bt sport 1hd hidden clearing but its epg is wrong and not scanned into boquet.
  6. basejumper

    Wi-Fi analyzer for your mobile phone or tablet 2019-12-01

    Wifi Analyzer is a handy tool which helps you to select a better channel for your wireless router. It turns you android phone into a handy Wi-Fi analyzer! Latest version Nov 2019
  7. celldweller

    IPTV and VU+ Solo 2 - Two lines at once

    Hi all, Back in the CS days, it was possible to watch two different channels at once or record one channel while watching another. I was able to do this using an app called dream player. Does anyone know if this is possible still on the vu+ solo 2 using IPTV?
  8. Afriendtoall

    Stuttering channels

    hi, I’ve been having a problem with my channels stuttering for quite a while now and it is getting to point where it is unwatchable. I’ve recently updated the image an restated the line as my image was out of date but this didn’t fix it. So I’m posting on here to get some advice for what might...
  9. B

    Motorised Dish not moving via remote

    Hey guys, Have had a motorised setup for years but only recently has this problem started. My motor is not moving via the remote control like it always has done. Have seen the motor and the green light is visible. As well as this, I have reset the motor and moved it to 0w. So the motor being...
  10. R

    H2s no signal

    hi I think i have exhausted all avenues, apart from asking here I have h2s which is not picking up a signal So i have factory reset and flashed with openatv 6.1 i have a 2 cables plugged into the correct ports (top and bottom right as looking from rear) i go to service searching/tuner...
  11. C

    IPTV queries

    I am new to all this and I know that there is a plethora of threads relating to this stuff out there. There are so many advances in technology that it is difficult to know what is best at present. 1. So my first question is, what is IPTV and how does it differ from something like Mobdro...
  12. P

    Documentrary channels missing

    All off a sudden Discovery, +1 etc. are missing from the Documentary bouquet, but are still in 'All channels'. I did a reflash of sucmnsee Openvix build and loaded my backup. When I did this, the channels were there again but were not selectable. I then did a re-flash and setup the box from...
  13. C

    ET 8000 HD Loading ring.

    Hi all got an Xtrend et8500 running wilos latest image, seem to be getting the loading ring in the corner coming up a fair bit, anyone know why this would be??? It's a bit annoying.
  14. B

    Hide channels permentantly? (even after ABM Scan)

    Is there anyway to hide certain channels e.g. non working ones in the future. You can manually delete them from the service list but they will show up after the daily abm scan. On OpenATV. Thanks.
  15. S

    Bouquets issue

    I hope someone can help. I have added channels to the International bouquet yesterday and today when i have checked they have disappeared. Any ideas on how to keep these channles on there? I have the grogbuild set up
  16. Black-Panther

    Zgemma H5.2TC - Colors HD Missing!

    Hi guys, So yesterday, my new Zgemma H5.2TC arrived and I excitingly unplugged my old Open Box V5s which was running for years and switched it with the new box. I set it all up, with both cable and satellite and had the help of a splitter to connect to router. Flashed the box with IPAB, got a...
  17. CAptChaos08

    Replace non-working channels

    So I've been busy replacing any non-working Sly channels with working IPTV alternatives through e-channelizer. I've had to disable ABM E2 for fear of it running overnight and un-doing all my hard work. Does anyone know if it's possible to either stop ABM E2 over-writing my replacement IPTV...
  18. Fire551

    Move iptv channel list

    Hi I have a zgemma h2s running wooshbuild.. I have added xstreamtv plugin to watch my iptv sub.. is it possible to add the channels from my iptv to my listings so I can use them as everyday channels instead of going into plugin each time... Thanks in advance
  19. W

    Swapping missing channels with iptv versions.

    Hi I've been using echannelizer to swap in iptv versions of missing channels e.g. Sly sports news. The only problem I've got is after swapping some channels there not where they should be, e.g. Sly sports 1 on channel 400 instead of 401, sly cinema premier 430 instead of 301? Any help on how to...
  20. systemlord

    Enigma 2 Box Recommendations For Streaming HD IPTV

    Hey all, I've managed to set up my IPTV sub on my zgemma H2S and got it just the way I like it with bouquets, EPG, etc. But, I find that the zgemma struggles to handle the HD channels whereas the SD equivalents play fine. It's not a problem with the channels because they play fine on other...