1. M

    Suitable data cabinet

    Was hoping to pick up a cheap one on gumtree but looks like I'll have to order one online. Im at a loss on size i need. Ive got a 16 port switch, 16 cat 6 cables Ive got a hikvision nvr, 4 cat 6 cables Hdmi matrix 4 cat6 cables Surge power 6 gang Satellite receiver WWhat size of unit am i...
  2. T

    Amazon 4k Fire Stick Ethernet Adaptor

    I need an ethernet adapter for a direct network connection as the WiFi is a little flakey. Anyone advise the best one to get? I've seen cheap one's on eBay for £6 but not sure how good these are? I've also seen the original Amazon one for £15 and a Ugreen one for the same sort of price. I...
  3. B

    Skybox F5 Ethernet (Scrambled) issue

    Hello guys. I just got an old Skybox F5 and i think there's an ethernet problem with it. I connected the ethernet cable (that is working on other device), then i select DHCP on, activate ethernet, then restart it. When i restart it and try to open a channel it says 'Scrambled'. If i try to open...
  4. D

    WiFi with ethernet port

    Is there a bigger than 1gigabit ethernet port on a WiFi extender on the market?
  5. D

    WiFi with ethernet port

    Is there a bigger than 1gigabit ethernet port on a WiFi extender on the market?
  6. C

    Satellite internet problems with h7s

    Hello, i need some help with my zgemma h7s ive just bought it i flashed it with ipab set it all up working great, then when i turn it off at the wall and turn it back on it wont connect back to the internet i have wired connection, i use a power line adapter into a ethernet hub then into the...
  7. stuss

    New router

    Talk Talk contacted the significant other Saturday morning.. Caron humoured talk talk .. The advisor offered a new router. Sagemcom 5364 Price over 18 months. £20.00 no increase free postage It arrived this evening courtesy of a neighbour.. Plugged it in. connected to her phone via wifi...
  8. D

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Xtrend 8500 uploading data

    I have an xtrend box that is uploading data , I can see the figure for sent and its huge , one day it did 89 Gig with no one at the house, I'm on a 20 Gig / day with my ISP ( , the only way at the moment to stop it is unplug the ethernet cable. Imagine dont let us log in to the...
  9. G

    HDMI over Ethernet

    Hi, anyone ever done this?? If so what was the cable type used and were they successful?? I've tried with varying cat5, cat5e, cat6, and even cat7 cables. Had very mixed results though. The best solid picture which has no interference / flickering etc is the cable which has no ID on it, so...
  10. G

    Home Media System.....

    Hi all.... Sorry about this, but I'm goin mad, I know what I want to do, seems so easy but the more I look into it it becomes v.confusing and mega expensive........ So hope I don't confuse ya. Please Any advice would be greatly welcomed. Current: I have my TiVo box, zGemma and an android box...
  11. ellobee

    New 4k Firestick Out Next Week

    I'm looking forward to getting one of these, not for the 4k, but the quad core processor,the 2gb of ram and you can also hardwire it straight to your router.
  12. W

    Connection without ethernet

    Hello people, I currently connect my zgemma h2s to a WiFi router via an Ethernet cable (and the magic plug thing as it is in another room). I am shortly losing home broadband and want to get a mifi / home WiFi device with a simple to avoid having a landline and reduce costs further. I am unable...
  13. H

    signal in loft

    Please help guys my boy in the loft doesnt get a wifi signal and is using all his data , what do i need to get him a strong signal , i have networking plugs up there so i do have the ethernet option for a extender repeater ... just dont know what to get with a £40 budget cheers guys
  14. 1

    Vpn/security setup options.

    Hello. I hope this is in the correct place. I am after some advice on what to do now as the UK has started the new digital law i think thats what its called. My setup is pc and zgemma s connected to TP-link dual ethernet powerline upstairs which connects to another powerling that goes to the...
  15. T

    one Openbox v8s scrambled the other one works ok on the same line.

    Hi, I have two Openbox v8s and one is connected straight to the router downstairs by Ethernet cable , the other one is upstairs and is connected by ethernet and runs through Tp-Link plug. They both run on the same code/line that i bought from a multi-room supplier, which i have been in touch...
  16. shaundc5

    LAN port doesnt seem to work???

    Hi guys im new here but i was wondering if you can help me, i have a H2S and LAN cable wouldnt display an IP address even when i tried static assigning one. I have tried multiple cables all wont work with it. i tried to reflash with wooshbuild but stuck on the screen please connect to the...
  17. B

    I was looking forward to Zgemma but now I am sad......

    Excited to say the least that my new satellite reciever arrived today! Only 1 problem, 5hrs later still not connected to my network! I have tried using the wizard both ways. I have tried manual configuration in anyway feasible. I have swapped ethernet cables. I have tested ethernet cables. I...