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I got mine on Argos refurb shop about 18 months ago Mi8 for £119 no problems with battery life still lasts 2 days!! and it it was brand new in sealed box!


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a lot of the latest phones now don't have a removable back to get at the battery. I never had a battery issue on my xiaomi. I only got rid because it fell out of my pocket as I climbed out of the 'rapids' at a theme park in spain, and went into the water. Even though they stopped the ride to get it out for me it was sadly too late


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Something like this would suit long do you get from a full charge?
Does it have wireless charging?
The charging socket on my S5 is damaged and only one lead will charge it - the pins inside are mangled and fixing would cost more than a new phone.
I only paid about £70 and had a years use from it, it still works OK but I think it's only a matter of time before it won't charge at all
Alrite Pablo, The battery is built in as most are these days but it's rated at 4000mAh which is better than most phones. I only have a few essential apps on mine email, whatsapp, spotify, banking etc, It was fully charged on Sunday 0800 and the battery is now showing 66% after 2 and a bit days with normal usage, no gaming or watching videos, everything else tho, messaging, emails, music, calls. So I'm made up with it.
Just read your post above, it's worth the extra tenner or so for the 4gb ram and 64gig memory imho.