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Zgemma box down


Can anyone help? My Dads box isn’t working and can’t get into the menu, the numbers on the box go to 99 then back to 00.


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You need to put more info mate. What box? IPTV or sat? What build?
The more info the easier to help


It’s a zgemma h.s and it’s satellite. I’m not sure what he’s done, usually I just run through the set up again but can’t get into anything, it’s just the Sky Q sign on the screen


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Just wanted to know method of fixing cactikid as so I know if have this issue in future on my zgemma


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if a system is stuck in a boot loop (continuous post number count) the normal method is a fresh flash via USB, if the system can be reached via network it can also be flashed via a command line, both will clear all data & perform a fresh install of firmware, recovery after the system is functioning again can be performed or continue with a clean install/image. Often the cause of a boot-loop is due to 3rd party plugins having issues or the system having outdated software. The best way to cure any Enigma2 issues is a fresh install of firmware via USB.