1. W

    Channels black except 1-5

    hi woke up today to all channels not clearing except 1-5 . If this happens normally a restart fixes it. Have done that and a router reset and still all black waiting on a reply from my provider. Any ideas what it could be my internet and boxes seem fine as there still running my iptv. Any help...
  2. W

    Buzzing/Humming Sound VM

    Hi guys, just setup the Formuler F1 box last night and very pleased with it all after some recommendations on here, however I have noticed there is a humming/buzzing sound coming through the audio when the VM cable is connected which is odd as I have never had this issue with any other box...
  3. G

    HDMI over Ethernet

    Hi, anyone ever done this?? If so what was the cable type used and were they successful?? I've tried with varying cat5, cat5e, cat6, and even cat7 cables. Had very mixed results though. The best solid picture which has no interference / flickering etc is the cable which has no ID on it, so...
  4. vicflange

    Cable H7C tuners?! Driving me mad.

    If I connect the terrestrial aerial to the C socket on the back, the box scans and finds channels. I then have to take out the aerial and put it into the B socket to receive those channels. It is also the same for the cable input, I can scan with the cable in the C socket but then have to plug...
  5. W

    Channel glitching

    hi all, Looking for some info/help been with current provider a few months moved because some of the lesser channels were glitching quite a bit so moved over everything was good much improved still the odd glitch here and there on certain channels but the main ones ie sky and bt sports and that...
  6. bangord30

    SOLD! - Edision OS MINI 1x DVB-C/T2 + 1x DVB-S/S2 Combo

    Hi All Selling my trusty Edision Combo which is only 10 months old(has a 2yr warranty) which has only been used as a slave receiver in a spare room. It is also perfect for IPTV and will come with IPTVPlayer and SULS. It will also be flashed to latest official OpenVIX. Any questions or...
  7. M

    Channels freezing every 2mins

    Hi, having an issue that seems to come and go when it pleases making it hard to pin down, I will give as much information about my setup and what's happening and would like those in the know to give me some pointers to the most likely culprit. The issue and checks already done: 1) Random freeze...
  8. J

    Miracle box premium hd mini audio fix? reflash?

    Hi so like most on here ive been experiencing the audio description problem on my virginmedia line. Most fixes ive seen floating about are to do a software update or to reflash using a new image. The box is a miracle box premium hd mini openvix build 037 i was wondering what would the most...
  9. steoc

    How Does Cable & Satellite Work Nowadays

    Hi. I've been away from the scene for a long time. I was steo2k8 on afterdawn years ago back when we had nagra 2. Good awl days :) Basically I'm miles behind and was just wondering how things work now. Currently I have VM analogue channels and a sky box for FTA. Is that the best I can basically...
  10. G

    Home Network Setup

    Hi, Not sure where to really post this, but kinda is featuring TV so here goes....... I'm looking at 'future proofing' my house..... and remember a few years back going to a home building show at the NEC and came across a stand called 'Single point networks'. Basically one custom designed...
  11. G

    Future Home Setup.....

    Hi, Not sure where to really post this, but kinda is featuring TV so here goes....... I'm looking at 'future proofing' my house..... and remember a few years back going to a home building show at the NEC and came across a stand called 'Single point networks'. Basically one custom designed...
  12. pabloescaban

    CCcam to oscam converter 1.2

    unzip the file, open the programme paste your line in, click convert to oscam, save as oscam.server ftp the server file to your device you can add as many lines as you like this is not my work, use it at your own risk!!
  13. ramooz

    H2h box is not connected to internet.....!!!

    morning all, picture froze an hr ago, reboot numerous time but stuck @ 49% every time ?? now reflash using wooshbuild basebuild and tells me its NOT connected to internet (definitely virgin feed coming through, checked all connections, even swapped cables but no joy} I'm truly baffled !!! any...
  14. T

    SKYBOX - CCcam going forward or Alternative

    Hi All, Was wondering if I could ask some guidance from the good people on here about what is possible going forward. I 'use' to have a CCcam line that worked on a skybox but is pretty much redundant now. Whats the alternative now? I've read about IPTV, cable boxes to use with V**gin, VPN on...
  15. sharky235786

    Zgemma h2h cccam

    Hi having problem installing a Cline to my zegmma using it on a virgin line.
  16. Gazzeg

    Cable H1 - Basic stable firmware advice plz.

    Hi Folks. I have been on the other provider for year untill late when everything happened. Anyhow got a H1 now and looking for a decent F/W provider now as now been on here for about 3 months. Any advice on what people have tried and tested would be greatly appreciated as would like to get a...
  17. F

    Remote code needed

    Hi. I have a techno mate nano SE m2 Plus and the remote is horrible. I've already had it replaced once but the OK button has stopped working on two remotes now. I have a universal remote so I need a code. Does anybody know what 4 digit number I need? Thanks
  18. CJ1988

    Glitching Channels.

    hello everyone, does anyone know what causes the ECM to go sky high on certain channels. I can barely watch some channels the ecm jumps to around 4.000 and then starts glitching, it does this every 30 seconds.
  19. Halopenos


    In ROI, should I be able to get HD channel versions of the Sky Sports / Movies selection etc. as i'm only getting the SD ones. "Swap channels" in ABM is set to yes and i've rescanned but still only showing SD versions still? Can anyone help me with this as I am meant to receive the HD Sky...
  20. D

    Channels not clearing...

    Using zgemma H2H with VM line. I've had this problem once before where channels stop clearing only BBC1 - Channel 5 work. The rest just show a black screen. Sometimes on the front of the box i see -00- displayed. When it first happened i contacted my provider, they confirmed everything was ok...