1. the reaper

    New box arriving shortly

    Latest Freesat box arriving shortly----- FREESAT GTT Android 6.0 TV BOX+DVB-T/T2/Cable Amlogic S905D 1GB RAM 8GB ROM built wifi KODI pre-installed youtube Very cool gadget----cable on a kodi box---what more could you ask for [don't answer that lol] I have tested and it works well with VM. Reaper.
  2. J

    question about openwebif streams

    I've got a cable receiver in one room of the house and a satellite one in another - is it possible to use the M3U file from the cable channels as a stream on the satellite box?
  3. D

    Channels not working.

    Hi all. I have an Edision Os Mini, I've been using this guide to set the box up for cable (the box only does cable..not Sly), theres a few settings which don't make it clear (for me anyways), like where...
  4. T

    extrend et8500 freezing up on some hd channels on cable virgin

    hi i hope someone can help me out im having this issue but it works fine in another room. except when i plug it into my room the box starts freezing on hd channels like movies hd and sports hd. they start playing up. I know theirs nothing wrong with the box and my cable tuner as it works fine in...
  5. BeardedKing

    VM Cable Queries

    Hey All, I'm hoping to move from Sat to VM cable within the coming weeks however I have a few questions which I hope you lovely people can answer :) 1) I have a single line coming into the house which is currently running into my router. What splitter will I need to get? 2) I will be...
  6. dsayers2014

    Openatv 6.0 ABM Crashing?

    Hi is anyone using openatv 6.0 with both sat and cable? Ive noticed something odd with crashes when doing ABM scan with sky uk as first order while on a cable channel, at first I thought it was something to do with my custommix so I did a fresh flash today with just ABM installed and this is...
  7. B

    SSBO On Cable Boxes

    Hi all Does anyone know if sky box office is back working yet on cable boxes?. Im looking to get a cable box but heard that box office is down and encryption might have changed? Thanks
  8. grog68

    Adding channel numbers to epg

    Hi I am new to cable boxes having had sat or combo boxes (h2s and h2h) before and used backup images (wooshbuild and dsayers) but today I received my Vu+ Uno 4K with cable tuners and I am stuck trying to figure out how to add channel numbers to the EPG. I am using openATV and Autobouquets...
  9. S

    Glitching On Free Virgin Channels

    Hi, I currently have Virgin 200mb broadband only with the cable box on the front of the house and a cable going to a back bedroom for the router. I tried to see if I could get any TV channels so I put a splitter on the broadband cable and sent another cable back round to the front of the house...
  10. BeardedKing

    Advice on what cable box to buy

    Hi All, I currently have a Vu+ Solo2 but want to upgrade to a cable box as I want HD channels. This box runs at lightning speed so I'm looking for a similar box that is for cable. The Vu+ Duo 2 is waaaaaaay too expensive so does anyone have any tips on what to go for? I don't want a...
  11. L

    Strong Signal But Constant Freezing

    So my signal strength is on 99% so i know its not that. Also i tried a test line from another server and that didn't make any difference either. Just as bad freezing Any suggestions as at a bit of a dead end Gigablue X3 box Latest Vix Mgmand 1.38
  12. C

    Will I need my box flashed

    I have a old kyrptview box which I haven't used in years will I need it flashed before buying a line
  13. liamt

    USB cable tuner for use on zgemma

    Hi I'm looking for a usb cabletuner for my zgemma h2s. Hope someone can point me in the right direction of am I better of just buying a h2h. Cheers
  14. 8valia

    Sly sports box office on VM line

    Hi Guy, I am trying to find the SBO channel for WWE tonight but cannot find it. I have ran the VM bouquets again but still nothing. I have also checked for the Prime events channels but cannot find it.
  15. S

    Image for Zgemma Star H.5 for Sat and Cable

    Hi I cant seem to find the right image to flash zgemma star H.5 to have Sat and Cable - in 1 set of bouquets...can anyone point me in the right direction please. Thanks
  16. MrThing

    FTP Picons

    Hi guys, Did a search but couldn't find details of how to FTP picons on Sucmnsee build. Tried to install wooshbuild this morning and the build looked awesome but couldnt drop MGcmd or NEwchn.list to var/keys via ftp. How do I get WOOSHbuild Working? MrTHing
  17. W

    H2H Cable

    Hi, I currently have a Zgemma h2s with virgin internet. But I'm getting an H2H box as well, but what cable do I use to I into the back of this? My virgin internet runs through the old NTL connections/cable so I'm not sure where to get this from. Thanks in advance.