1. T

    Amazon 4k Firestick Replacement Remote Control

    Hey guys, I will be getting an amazon 4k firestick, however would like to have the color options on the remote eg blue, red, green, yellow as I can easily navigate through the bouquets easier by using these shortcut buttons. I know on the standard Amazon Firestick remote controller the color...
  2. matrix76

    Enigma2 IPTV Bouquets with EPG 0.8.5

    Create Enigma2 IPTV Bouquets with EPG
  3. A

    9Smart iptv app

    Can someone give me an idiots guide how to change the location on smart hub on a samsung nu7400 55inch model. Seems samsung have removed the smart iptv app but been told change country location and will be back in the app store Thanks
  4. R

    IPTV Recording

    Hi, I'm running openblackhole on my vu+duo2. I am finding exteplayer3 to be very effective, problem being I want to recording iptv. I have read posts saying that it cannot record streams, is there a way I can set the default renderer for recording? I also have a zero box running wooshbuild...
  5. T

    Best Device For IPTV Where Satellite Dish Can Also Be Used

    Hey guys. After substantial research and speaking to a lot of the pros on here it was advised that at the moment one of the best devices to get IPTV on was the Amazon 4k Firestick. However I completely forgot to mention at the time that I have a satellite dish and also a cable tuner, and...
  6. A

    Zgemma I55 plus - Live IPTV stream wont play

    Morning Looking for some help, been setting up boxes for a while but this one has me stumped. Running a zgemma i55 plus with openATV 6.3 and wooshbuild infinity. My provider gives me script to run which i have done and it imports all bouquets. Everything seems to be fine loaded up EPG...
  7. B


    Hi guys is anyone familiar with the XCplugin which you can download in the plugins section of a zgemma receiver. Its for viewing IPTV .I have a IPTV supplier. The problem i am having is that the server URL is longer than 15 characters which appears to be the maxium number of letters you can put...
  8. S

    Best reasonaly priced device for recording IPtv

    Im looking for a device that isnt too overpriced that will allow me to record iptv?
  9. A

    IPTV Black Screen/Not Playing Streams

    Hi All, Looking for a little help from the huge number of experts on these forums. I'm having some IPTV setup issues on my Vu+ w/Wooshbuild box. My provider has previously worked on this box without issues via XStream Editor. Box is working fine with Vermin side of things but all IPTV...
  10. M

    Genuine MAG 256 in immaculate condition For Sale

    Genuine MAG 256 in immaculate condition For Sale Hardly used comes with the following: MAG 256 Box, with user manual and Original box Free HDMI cable, UK Adapter, Payment prefer PayPal, send as F&F £35 + £5 P&P will be sent as Royal Mail 2nd Class signed for. Thanks for viewing
  11. S

    ZGemma sports not working

    Hi, my first post so please go easy. I have a zgemma box in the UK, only basic channels currently working so no sky sports or BT sports, I tried to get a trial sorted for IPTV, the guy via remote attempted to do this via putty. However he said on the root my box has a password which I need to...
  12. dsayers2014

    Does anyone have a licence key for ERD xtream Downloader

    Anyone got a key for ERD xtream Downloader? http://iptv-tools.com/xtream-downloader/overview Im wanting to download some VOD from IPTV. I can use My IPTV player on windows but it only does one at a time and seems to take a while. Thanks
  13. Matt9096

    Which broadband service to go with?

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone can give me some advice. Me and the missus are moving into our first house next week and I still haven't chosen a BB provider yet. I've been shopping around but not sure which service to go with. I need a service that will work well with my IPTV as I have no...
  14. V

    Stbemu firestick

    Can’t get my stbemu to load up tried on three different sticks all just black screens . I’ve force stopped it , cleared cache and it just says loading portal and then goes black and stays black , any ideas , I fear amazon have blocked the app !
  15. E

    Netgem N8500-500

    Hi All I have a netgem n8500-500 that I got from a TV provider, I no longer am with them so I wonder can I reflash it to use as an IPTV box, had a Google but found very little anyone know anything about doing this, Thanks
  16. Z

    Formuler Z8 box error, can someone offer a trial to test?

    My IPTV wasn’t working and the box offered to reboot the device. I rebooted the device and reinstalled my tv online 2 from the play store. My IPTV provider is still there but it won’t connect. It says Error check your internet connection and portal url. I don’t know how to fix it. Would...
  17. KGH0210

    SD card booting H9.2s with open ATV

    Anyone got a guide on how to boot from an sd card on the Zgemma h9.2s with open atv ? Cheers
  18. Kuul Media


    2 FOR £125.00 BUZZ TV XPL3000 BASIC V2 4K 8GB eMMC & 1GB RAM Android 6 IPTV Media Player Kuul Media are the Exclusive Distributor & Representatives of Buzz TV. Contact us for Trade/Reseller Deals. SIMPLY PM US HERE OR TAG US @kuulmedia so we get the alert Buzz TV® XPL3000 Basic V2 4K UHD...
  19. H

    Box jittery on 1080p 60fps

    Hi there ive had my zgemma h9s for a while now and i notice its very jittery on any channel at 1080p 60fps even on a sat channel to make sure it wasnt my line for iptv. But if i select 2160p 30fps because my tele is 4k it now seems smooth very smooth . but my sports channels are in 50fps so id...
  20. KGH0210

    Enigma 2 device or Formuler Z8. IPTV only

    Upgrading from my Mag box as want a smoother UI layout. Should i bother with an Engima 2 device as i am only going to be using it for iptv and have heard the formuler z8 has a great mytvonline 2 app. What do people think ?. I like the sly look on engima 2 devices but are they hard to set...