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beer thread- whats your favourite


mine is
aka wife beater
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Ahh...where to start.

I like Killians Irish Red and Blue Moon. Those would have to be my top two at the moment.


anything 5% and above, i visit people a lot so im not that fussy. its easier to say the ones im not so keen on like zuber, its a bit on the watery side but good if you have nowt else but still 5.1%... the best has to be kaiser german malt beer loony juice, Heineken, Amstel, Bud, Coors, Corona,.... hey i like beer :cheers:

Mr Pumpy

Paddington was really cool, but me fav has to be Nookie, the way he used to cross his eye's, rofl. Werent too keen on that bloke who was always with him though.

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Ohhhhhhh, beer, sorry.

Stella then.


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just seen these in Lidl for next week.

my new favourite could be Grafenwalder Hefe Weissier @ 5%.
[as they call it 'an essential item for the discerning party host']

No idea what it tastes like but it's only 10.99 for a 5 litre barrel.

An alternative for the non beer drinker is the pils @ 4.8%
[as they call it 'a must for every barbecue party']

Anyone know if these a worth a punt?



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Had the pleasure of trying an imported Chinese beer. Tsing tao. Pretty tasty beer. Finished very clean. I'll have to pick up a six pack soon.