Best Enigma 2 boxes?

After trawling the net and uTube, I can't seem to find any "lists" of the most popular/best Engima2 boxes out there at the moment.

I'm looking for some recommendations on the best Engima 2 boxes considering price and performance.

I currently have a Zgemma H9 Twin. But I've never really looked outside the Zgemma box so I'd like to hear everyones favourites?

Although I may not upgrade at this moment in time. I'd like to compile some sort of list of the best out there. I'm not talking £500+ boxes, but the best kind of "budget" boxes say from £60-£150?



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All enigma boxes will run openatv.
It depends what you want to use it for, IPTV obviously but other than that, freeview?
Freesat? Motorised satellite? Recording requirements?


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There are far better devices to use than E2 devices if its purely for iptv but if your using sat/cable then cannot go wrong with either.


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Most popular probably zgemma boxes.
Best you have a good few to choose from.
Gigablue range
VU range
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Thanks I'll have a look at them!
I was thinking of getting the GiGaBlue UHD Trio 4K ended up going for the GiGaBlue UHD Quad 4K recording is a dream with the FBC tuners and to be honest I think the trio would have more than done me, but went for the quad because it had larger lcd screen and bluetooth (Still had to Buy wireless bluetooth Dongle) to get ear pods to work.
As for memory both have same specs.