Enigma2 IPTV auto-reconnect


Blackhole your having a laugh right ? worst image there is for streaming with outdated libs and cant even accommodate Serviceapp and Extplayer3 properly.


I would try hacking your TCP Stack by moving your eth0 over to core 2 and increasing your E2 TCP buffer size. Google it if your unsure, but most linux sites report is has positive results. This hack has been around for years and I use it still on my VU+ Solo 4K

To do this, issue cat /proc/interrupts and make a note of the IRQ numbers used for eth0 and then edit lines 6 and 8 of the script Ive uploaded accordingly.

Then simply send the script to /etc/rc3.d and chmod to 755 and then reboot, then issue cat /proc/interrupts again to check that your eth0 is now running on core 2

This helps things a lot, but by far the greatest benefits from doing this are the other network tweaks that the script applies. The main one being the increasing of the TCP buffer size. It can help massively when using IPTV or a VPN
Dont worry, if you find its not for you or something else is wrong after applying it, you simply delete the script again from /etc/rc3.d and reboot and your image is back to how it was.

Here's a link to the script because I cannot figure out how to upload files here.

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Please make a full backup of your image first though. I've never know anything go wrong, but I would hate for me to be the cause of it corrupting your image.
Ian would you mind posting the script again to edit the tcp stack? I tried to find something via google but the commands didn't seem to work.