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Hi all,

I just wanted to share this

I have used home-plugs over the last few years to connect consoles and the like to the internet.
They would not work in some of the upstairs rooms so I had no internet because they were on a seperate ring main.
I was reading an article a couple of weeks ago about networking and MoCa Ethernet adaptors
so had a look on ebay and bought a pair to try.

The speed is almost the same as plugging the Playstation console directly into the modem. There is almost no drop in download/upload speed.

Here's the link to them


They are expensive but you just can't compare the speed to home-plugs.
If you have TV sockets around the house its like having wired internet wherever you choose.
I have had home plugs for many years now and never have had a problem with speed or connecting upstairs

I get my full speed everywhere in the house
And one of mine has wifi built in so I can use it as a extender

They are pass through so you don't waste a plugs.

They cost me a few years ago now, £120 odd never miss a beat.
Hi mate,

I have used them ok downstairs, but do get a drop in download speed and because the upstairs is on a separate ring main they don't work very well at all upstairs.
I have been trying to get around this for years now and the new MoCa adaptors have cured the problem for me.
I am honestly amazed at how good they are.
Yeah the homeplugs should be able to jump rings as there all looped with the neutral and earth. I have a small garage about 100m from my house and the cable going to the garage can run the internet to it with homeplugs and the shed has its own rcbo so different rings shouldn't make a difference unless it's going through a sub board and should still work most of the time.
got 2 sets of tp links had them for years no problems at all, wouldn't touch them at all £180? Hell be cheaper getting another modem and cable run from present one, you aren't selling them perhaps?
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I'm not selling them but they are far better than the home plugs. Do you get the same speed over the home plugs as you do when you are plugged directly into the modem. I've never got anywhere near in the rooms I mentioned upstairs.
do you need a separate cable to run these over or can you use what you use for your tv??

i get the same speed, 58mb both ways
ff you need the TV signal you need a coax back to the tv . there is an outlet on the back so the signal passes through the adapter.
Mine might be the same
Brand can't remember

I got 1200mbps
I have one in roof space, on a switch, feeding upstairs
I have TP-Link 200Mps bloody marvellous cant fault them one up in the attic of a 3 storey house running iptv, but if you have to run cable I still say another router run from present one would be cheaper and give you the same as what you get downstairs plus it would give wifi as well.
Strange, that its only two of the upstairs rooms that I cant get it to work on. I have been reading that it shouldn't matter if they are on a different ring main now. I was told that they needed to be or they might not work so thought that was the problem.
After trying to find a solution that didn't involve running an ethernet cable upstairs the MoCa adaptors have finally cured that for me.
The ring main doesn't matter, you typically have three.


But they all connect back to the same bus bar at the fuse box / consumer unit.

So in essence all three are linked anyway.

Some homeplugs don't like extension leads, did you have them plugged directly in to a socket ?

Dunno the reason behind it, I just know some types of homeplug really don't like extension leads. Boxes can be really glitchy, plug them into the socket and they work fine :confused::confused::confused:

Seen it loads of times.
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Have the 600 nano t p links excellent Bought them in curries 25 pound Have them plugged into extension leads.with no issues My friend had the new b.t hub t.p links would not.work B.t have designed there new routers so you will purchase b.t links which are much more expensive He sent the router back and purchase the openreach b.t hub 4
Never any hassle with my home plugs cheap as chips nowadays I have them all over the house. Also have an extension lead going through my barn into my man cave and have one in their have used it with one of my vu zeros for the footie for years with no problems, maybe you have dodgy wiring ?
Never any hassle with my home plugs cheap as chips nowadays I have them all over the house. Also have an extension lead going through my barn into my man cave and have one in their have used it with one of my vu zeros for the footie for years with no problems, maybe you have dodgy wiring ?

You could be right.
I have always thought there could be something wrong with the house wiring not being suited to home plugs.
an answer to this,
yes, CO-AX can run data far more efficiently than mains cable,
because its exactly what co-ax was designed to do,
co-axial cables were used to link computers together when they were the size of your house,
they are balanced cables,
mains cables, not so, plus you also have the noise of the AC in the cables to contend with,
but this is absolutely no different to using CCA cat5 Vs cat5 Vs CCA cat5e Vs cat5e Vs cat6 [ I've not yet come across non copper cat6 or above ]

as for people having problems using homeplugs on different rings,
this is often down to if the rings are on different RCDs, its a known fact [in the electrical industry at least] that some RCDs are more prone than others at preventing the signal to passthrough,
there is a workround for this, but it involves an extra pair of homeplugs to bridge the rings, simply fit an extra socket belonging to each ring at the consumer unit, plug a homeplug into each, and link together with an ethernet cable,

Thanks, the home plugs I had were on two separate ring mains each protected with rcd's so I think that must be the problem.
Also glad to hear coax is the better option.

I didnt say co-ax was the better option,
I said co-ax was designed to carry data, and mains cable wasnt,
the better option is ethernet cable, any old bit of even cat5 will be better than the average bit of co-ax for data transmission ,
go to cat5e or cat6 , and you will need some mighty expensive co-ax to even get close to it,

comparing co-ax to mains cable is like comparing a banana to a porsche 911

Better than mains
of course it is, its data cable,
like I said,
comparing co-ax to mains is like comparing a banana to a porsche,
two completely different things , for two entirely different purposes
you wouldnt use co-ax to run power to your garden shed, you could, but it would be a bad choice, so why use it for data when there are much better alternatives, and they are much cheaper.
100m of decent co-ax, £60 ,? 100m of decent cat5e £20 , what would the intelligent money be on?
using regular co-ax as a data cable is rubbish idea, , chances are the co-ax already installed isnt even that good a quality anyway, cca cat5 would be better, like I said,
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That's the whole argument. Coax is better than mains. I'm not talking about cat5, just saying that compared to home plugs over mains MoCa is far superior.
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