GrogBuild Grogbuild FreeRange for all enigma2 boxes

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Update 03/03/19: Removed installation option 2 so only the one set of instructions from now on.

Update 21/02/19 : installation Option 2 is likely to be removed in the next few days, please use Option 1 as this has had more tweaks in recent weeks and is the method I will be concentrating my efforts on in future.

Update 22/02/19: once installed the abm is/should be ran automatically when installing using option 1.

This is my latest version of Grogbuild which should work on any enigma2 box.

There is no need to dig out a spare USB stick to download the build to and flash from, any Enigma2 set top box t can install Grogbuild FreeRange by just copying a single command line and when you put it on your Enigma2 box you will get the most up to date plugins at the time, unlike prebuilt builds that may have had old versions installed by the time you flash.

Features :
  • My 'Add a Line' plugin installed
    If you use a line it can be added simply using this plugin, no need to copy files over
  • My 'Movie Organsisor' Plugin
    used to arrange your tv recordings into folders.
  • My own top pic script to update top images in the menu's on the Vskin skins.
  • Install with a single line of code
    Once OpenATV is installed on your box just cut the piece of code we give below into the terminal on your box and sit back and watch.
  • Most up to date at time of flashing
    As the plugins are downloaded during setup they are the most up to date versions at that time, unlike a prebuilt build which could be weeks or months old.
  • Update online via software update
    Utalising the ATV or VIX Software Manager you can update the software as often as you like, even our own plugins if we update them.
  • Works with all Enigma2 set top boxes
    As we do not use an image in Grogbuild FreeRange it will install in just minutes on any Engima2 set top box that has openATV installed.

We are pleased to say we are the first build installed via command line that does not require you to flash the box with openATV or openVix before installing the build, the GrogBuild Freerange Installation does it for you. Assuming that you have your USB/HDD connected to the box (used for recordings etc) then you can use this method.
  • Step 1 (OpenATV): In your web browser open a new tab in the url bar type http://yourboxname ie if you have a zgemma h2h you would enter the url http://zgemmah2h, for a VU+Uno 4K you would enter http://vuuno4k, and you will see the OpenWeb Interface load up, in the menu on the left in the Extra's section you will see a Terminal link, click on this link and the virtual terminal will appear with a login prompt.
  • Step 1 (OpenVIX): Open Vix doesn't have the terminal installed as part of OpenWebIf so you will need to connect to your box by using a telnet program such as Putty. Open Putty and enter the IP address or hostname of your box in the server field and click on OK
  • Step 2 : Login in by typing the word root followed by the enter key. Now copy the all of code below:
wget  -O ~/ && bash

  • Step 3(openATV) : Now in the OpenWeb Interface right click in the terminal window and select paste from browser and in the popup box press CTRL+V to paste the code and then click on OK.
  • Step 3(OpenVIx) Just right click on the putty window and the code should be pasted into the putty command line.
  • Step 4 : Press the enter key and the installation will now begin, and you will be asked if you want to build Grogbuild FreeRange on OpenATV or OpenVIX if openVIX is available for your box (beta)
  • Step 5 you will now be asked which partition do you want Grogbuild FreeRange installed on. If your box does not have, or you don't want to use Multiboot then just press the enter key.
  • Step 6 now you are asked if you are in the UK or Ireland (if Ireland then Virgin IE and/or Sky IE are set up instead of UK) and then you can opt to keep your existing line and timers.
  • Step 7 you will now be prompted to enter a hostname for your box, if you don't want to change the default hostname then just hit the enter key.
  • Step 8: You will now be asked to enter your cable NetID. Make sure you enter the full 5 digit net id. If not using cable, just hit enter.
  • Step 9: you will now be asked to select your Sky region, enter 0 if you are not using sky or the number next to your region followed by the enter key. You will then be asked to select your Freesat region, as with the Sky region, enter 0 if not using freesat or the number next to your region if you are followed by the enter key.
  • Step 10 : now you are asked if you wish to install the e2m3u2Bouquet Plugin for an iptv subscription, you will then be prompted for the relevant info supplied by your provider.
  • Step 11 : You will now be asked to select the default skin you want to use, enter the number corresponding to the skin you want to use.
  • Step 12 : Sit back and wait for installation to complete. The box will automatically flash either openATV or openVix.
  • Step 13 : (Vix Only) you will be prompted to setup VIX, work through the wizard setting the output as desired and then when prompted if you wish to restore settinhgs select Yes and restore the file Grogbuild_vuuno4k_setup.tar.gz (not your own backup)
  • Step 14 : Once Grogbuild FreeRange is installed, it does take a few minute,, openVIX will just be sat with the Grogbuild FreeRange boot image displayed and the info bar will pop up, ATV displays the bouquet list (favourites only).
  • Step 15 : You will now see the spinner appear at the top left of the screen, this is doing the ABM scan for the first time. Once it has stopped spinning, exit the menu system (openATV) and type 101 on your remote to get a tv picture.
  • Step 16 : on Open ATV press the green button or on OpenVix hold down the blue button, now select EPG-Importer. Now press the Blue button and select Rytec UK Sat/Virgin XMLTV to open the options and then select each of the 6 options so each box is ticked. Press the Green button to save.
  • Step 17 : Press the Yellow button to run a scan. Select yes when prompted. On the right you will see 'Importing: Rytec xxx' once the importing has finished it will show 'Last Updated' with the date.
  • Step 18 : Press the Exit button and then select Add a Line and you can use this plugin to enter your line details.
If you have any questions please post a comment, if you like the build please leave a review at
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So far this build has been tested on the following boxes:

Zgemma H1
Zgemma H2
Zgemma H2H
Zgemma H4
Zgemma H3.2tc
Zgemma H5.2tc
Zgemma H7C & S
Zgemma H9t & S
Zgemma i55
Vu + Uno 4K
Vu+ Solo SE
vu+ duo2
Edison OS Mini
Edison OS Mini Plus
Miraclebox Hybrid Mini
Formuler F1
Formuler F4 Turbo
Mutant 51
Xtrend et8000 running openvix 5.2
Amiko Viper Combo
TM Nano SE M2 Plus

Please let me know if you install on any other box
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Great share that, i like the fact i can read your script and see exactly what is being installed onto my box
unlike some other "builds" that hide code in protected files.
Nice one :(y):
Nothing to hide really, Any plugins I use are available in public domain, some other builds use their own build specific plugins which for whatever reason are not publically available


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i just installed on zgemma 2s looks good but cacheflush shows my memory @ 85% box running slow.
would that be because its the 2S ?

Yes possibly, there are only a couple of plugins added to atv and another couple removed so very little more than a basic atv


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Hi Grog
Great post,
What would you recommend?
I'm a bit outdated really, only now use my h2s for backup, got xtreame plug with iptv & still c/s line, very old build in open vix & sucumnsee build, saying that all works a treat, using core ftp also
With so much to occupy us , what do you recon
Sorry, what are you asking me to recommend?

If you are wondering whether to reflash then the phrase 'If it ain't broke then don't fix' stands well with me, if everything is working for you then leave it as is. On the other hand if you want to reflash to be more up to date then feel free to try this build, you can install the xtream plugin and the image has an 'add a line' plugin to add your line.


guys is there any reason why when I try to connect my h5 2tc to webif its not being found but my h2h is ok


@grog tried with box and ip and samba is running using you last build should I go back to basic image an try it again


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have you actually installed grogbuild freerange or are you stuck in the installation when you use open webif to enter the code?

I checked on my h52tc earlier and could access it via ip address but not by using the hostname (http://zgemmah52tc) but then I checkced and samba wasn't running so I started that, rebooted the box and now I can use the hostname.


Big Thanks! Worked fine on myZgemma star h2 with Vbolt skin.. stable and channels change a bit faster than before..2 second gap when going to menus but its an old box. To navigate to webif is http://zegemmash2 btw.


Quick question something that is bugging me.
When I go to the channel list and select a channel and press ok the channel changes on the top right but unless I press ok twice it stays the same.
Not a big deal but just wanted to know if there is a way to change that.


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Quick question something that is bugging me.
When I go to the channel list and select a channel and press ok the channel changes on the top right but unless I press ok twice it stays the same.
Not a big deal but just wanted to know if there is a way to change that.

grogbuild has always been the same, holding the OK down (long press) changes channel and exits, if you want to change so the short press of the zaps + exits then press epg button to get channels up, now press the menu button and scroll down to 'OK button (short)' and change it to zap+exit and then press the green button to save.
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