1. F

    Software issues Sab unix triple tuner enigma2

    Hi all. I am a newbie so please be gentle with me!so here is my problem... I recently purchased a Sab Unix triple tuner that has enigma2 preloaded.I get a lot of issues using the box primarily `` Your receiver has encountered a software problem and needs to be restarted ...``.I have...
  2. fozeyuk


    Hi has openatv 6.1 stopped updates as not had any for a week now in update feed
  3. grog68

    GrogBuild Grogbuild FreeRange for all enigma2 boxes

    Update 03/03/19: Removed installation option 2 so only the one set of instructions from now on. Update 21/02/19 : installation Option 2 is likely to be removed in the next few days, please use Option 1 as this has had more tweaks in recent weeks and is the method I will be concentrating my...
  4. jigger121

    Cable Best software to use with H7c

    Kind of torn whether to use, openatv or openpli. Never used openpli but seen alot of people using it and seem happy with the setup of it. Is there any real differences between the two?
  5. D

    VU+Uno4k OSCam

    VU+Uno4k - OSCam Anyone got this working well ? I can watch Live Tv via the box or a 2nd device. But when I record everything goes wrong... The recordings freeze, live tv fails to decrypt every so 30/40seconds. I have 4 proxies connecting to 2 different servers. I know it's an OSCam issue...
  6. D


    "HRTunerProxy" allows Plex to use E2 tuners for LiveTV & Recordings. Stumbled across it in the plugins section on my Vu+ and was wondering if anyones had any success with this ? If so what sort of set up do you have / need. I couldn't find anything on here related to "HRTunerProxy" and google...
  7. C

    Zgemma box crashing, PLEASE HELP!

    Hi guys ive searched all over for this problem, so i am sorry if it has already been covered. Im using OpenAtv 6.1 build and I have Epg Import and Cache flush installed. Flashed my box the other day and was working fine before but i just restarted the box and its crashed with an error saying...
  8. siilver

    blank docs epg - 7f3 to 7d9

    just wondering if anyone has some of their docs epg blank on satellite, with ABM, with epgimport and openatv i went in and look at the .tv files and the channels that have the blank epg part of the reference code is different to what epgimport has for them current reference...
  9. D

    Openvpn mutiple servers??

    Hi, I've one set up fine but is it possible to have more than more server conf file and switch through on openvpn? just incase one becomes slow etc?
  10. snicketman

    Fully loaded box (dead?)

    Hi, my friend bought a fully loaded zgemma h2s about 6 months ago. His subscription ran out at the weekend. He had no idea how to re set it up so he asked me. I think it was running an old version of open atv. I said id reflash it for him first with the latest wooshbuild v6. I did that using...
  11. grog68

    ATV 6.1 a mess after software update

    OK I have been using atv 6.1 on my boxes for a while, and I do software updates now and again, probably once or twice a week. Yesterday I noticed I couldn't 'browse network' to the box from my pc. I checked samba on the box and I get an error saying feeds down for maintenance or something like...
  12. I

    gigablue openatv mgcamd_135a help

    Hi all, I just cannot seem to get my mgcamd working with my n line, it was working last night however when i restarted the box its now not working, i have checked all tjhe guides and edited the files correctly please can someone help I am just getting no ecm info found below is the...
  13. B

    Openatv 6.0 Vs 6.1 for IPTV

    Has anyone got any experience if Openatv 6.1 is any better than 6.0 in regards to IPTV. Thanks
  14. Andy Mcd

    Boot Logos, Screens

    Bit of fun what boot screens logos do we all have :)
  15. n1cks21

    Movie List Setup

    upgraded to openatv 6.0 but all my recorded programs look different to how they did, I have figured out that if I go to menu and settings and scroll down to "use extended list" I only get the options "ServicePicon" and "ServiceName" where before the option was "Sky Planner" so does anyone know...
  16. n1cks21

    TM-Nano-SE M2 PLUS recording LED

    using this box with openatv anybody know how to stop the recording light from flashing and have a solid light instead ???
  17. n1cks21

    Zgemma-Star H.2S to TM-Nano-SE M2 PLUS Questions ?

    I have purchased a TM-Nano-SE, I currently have a zgemma and used openatv for over a year now so have decided to stick with it for the Nano, it arrives tomorrow and wanted to know if I backup all my settings on my zgemma could I restore them on my Nano? and I guess everything is the same apart...
  18. Andy Mcd

    How to install VPN ?

    Have just purchased my own vpn and would like to install it onto my zgemma main reason just for when using the iptv for any sites that are blocked etc. Have had a look and cant seem to find a proper guides if anyone has any guides or videos that they can share and i will give it a try im using...
  19. siilver

    Paused iptv recording crash

    when I play a recoded iptv stream and I pause the recording The box crash Anyone else have this Running Openatv 6.0 H2s
  20. I

    24 hour

    hi anyone know how to get a 24 hour line for IPTV on samsung TV.. Thankls