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hi guys i need your help..yesterday i bought the cloud ibox2 plus and i tried to put pli image...since yesterday i`m trying but signal on tv,nothing...only the green light in front...any ideas?please help me!!


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no...i bought it from here from greece there any way to fix it?because the light is green and not red?
If it's not to late, I have 2 iCloud plus2 boxes, one with a green light the other no light at all.
I tried everything for days, I thought they where ef'd, find out if you can get a patched image like open atv.
That's what my son done when he looked on another forum after I gave him the boxes.
Yes it worked, I don't know how you put the image on here, I am only learning as I go, if someone can tell me how you do it I'll be glad to do it, if I'm allowed by TechKings,it won't be to night of to bed in about 15 mins
image.jpeg This is the image my son used from another forum it is a rar file you have to open it
He is a member of digitalworldz you can't download unless you pay a subscription either for 6 months to 12 months you have to sign up.
We are very lucky here at TechKings able to download without asking for money upfront .
It gives you the option if you want to donate any monies just saying
It only takes a minute to download then you have to open it with a rar file to get to the Zegamma foulder
Try it first without thinking about a boot loader
Good luck


Make sure you flash the box with what was at one time a new bootloader for these images 751 mhz. Back in the day it was Jasek who developed the bootloader and Ferret compiled all the backup images - loads of them - this allowed you to flash the newer images otherwise it was a bricked box. There was so many clone that we had clones of clones!

Once you have the bootloader on it you can flash the patched images but they are old. You would be better flashing the Golden interstar xpeed lx1 image as advised by Eagle on another thread.

If you need a full backup (you would just need to enter your line, network and change your netid to re-scan for your area) let me know and I could upload a backup.


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I tried the above image but nothing... where can i find a bootloader ? I mean the right bootloader :)

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To ensure the bootloader has flashed use this command in telnet "cat /proc/cpuinfo" without the quotes. You should now see you CPU at 750mhz. If not flash the bootloader again or you will brick your box. Once the bootloader is flashed you should be good to go with the images.

Advice and kudos goes to Jasek and Ferret.

If your box is already bricked though you will need to jtag. is where you can find the bootloader. Extract and flash this to the box first. This was for cloned boxes. Just stick it on a usb and flash.
My son must have been very lucky with that image on both boxes, I really hope with the info your getting will come good cos that is all to complicated for me I would have to be showed what to do.
If you can't get a result and your box is ef,d my son does not need two boxes I will give you an iCloud box for nothing.