1. Blizzard17

    GrogBuild Grogbuild Error Using OpenVix

    Evening So thought I would play around with the setups I wanted to use Openvix with Grogbuild now I manged to get through the whole setup fine when the setup come to an end I got an error when trying to access the menu or settings page on grogbuild..I doubled check this by doing the setup again...
  2. Blizzard17

    WilloBuild Willowbuild & Setting Up IPTV

    Afternoon So after playing around with Grogbuild I wanted to test Willowbuild out and compare the two... With willowbuild the setup is great but wanted to know is there any easier way to setup the IPTV? To manually enter the detials using Jedi App including the URL and login detials is a pain...
  3. noddyrams

    GrogBuild Switch from whooshbuild to grogbuild

    Hi all, is there a guide somewhere from switching from whooshbuild to grogbuild? If not can anyone please help me do this? im running... vu+ solo2 openATV 6.1 whooshbuild v10.000 WB cofig v3.000
  4. thegil

    Oscam Instructions/Guide/Setup/CABLE V2

    Hopefully an idiots guide to setting up Oscam Zgemma and possibly other build/devices. (CABLE)
  5. gosnis

    GrogBuild Grogbuild won't boot after update

    Grogbuild won't boot after update. I updated via the blue button like normal, but the box gets stuck at 50% and stays there. Anyone experiencing similar?
  6. S

    EPG issues

    Hi guys I'm hoping someone can help. I had issues updating my ABM because I had an old version set up. I have flashed my zgemma h52tc and installed grogbuild. I have an issue now where even though all the sat UK ones are ticked it still brings up 0 events
  7. C

    Grogbuild - Error with ABM when loading new build.

    Hi - just tried to load the new Grogbuild. Got to the last phase however there is now an error message during the ABM phase which is a constant loop. Screenshots attached
  8. S

    Zgemma H2H with Grobuild freerange not working

    Hi all, I have a zgemma H2H with Grogbuild freerange and a virmin line all working absolutely fine. A friend of mine wanted to have the same so he bought a h2h box and gave it to me to set up at my house. I tried a few builds etc but just never got it working right so last night I reflashed...
  9. D

    zgemma H3.2TC grogbuild - unable to activate cam

    Hi Guys. I have a zgemma h3.2TC which was previously running ipabtv but just updated to the latest Grogbuild via Openwebif terminal after problems with ABM not updating channels correctly. Everything is set up, (tuners, net ID, bouquets,skin) etc and I am able to receive FTA (for what is...
  10. grog68

    GrogBuild Grogbuild FreeRange for all enigma2 boxes

    Update 03/03/19: Removed installation option 2 so only the one set of instructions from now on. Update 21/02/19 : installation Option 2 is likely to be removed in the next few days, please use Option 1 as this has had more tweaks in recent weeks and is the method I will be concentrating my...
  11. grog68

    Grogbuild FreeRange 2019-03-19

    Update 19/03/19 : Updated this post with the most up to date installation instructions. This is my latest version of Grogbuild which should work on any enigma2 box. If you have any issues please post a comment in the support thread at...
  12. W

    Channels black except 1-5

    hi woke up today to all channels not clearing except 1-5 . If this happens normally a restart fixes it. Have done that and a router reset and still all black waiting on a reply from my provider. Any ideas what it could be my internet and boxes seem fine as there still running my iptv. Any help...
  13. W

    Sound issue

    Hi there. Getting an issue where every few seconds my sound cuts off on certain channels the video is playing fine and not glitching seems to be on most channels bar the sports. Bbc 1 sd i noticed tonight during motd. This seems to be even more noticable on a recording also. When i play...
  14. W

    Box crashing mid playback of a recording

    when i fast forward a recoridng the box seems to crash got a h5.2tc with 500gb running grogs build any ideas?
  15. S

    Bouquets issue

    I hope someone can help. I have added channels to the International bouquet yesterday and today when i have checked they have disappeared. Any ideas on how to keep these channles on there? I have the grogbuild set up
  16. W

    Build for h2s

    hi all, Was wondering if anyone has a good build for the remining sat channels you get on sky. Preferably with a sky skin. Updated to wooshbuild 7 last night but not a massive fan. Like grogs builds but cant see one for the h2s . Much appreciated
  17. A


    ... post created in error, mods, please can you remove.
  18. Kerry45

    Channels numbering problem

    Hi. Just put new grog build on and even fox hd got sound now. But channels not right. Ie 103 is itv sd 113 is itv hd How do i fix please Kerry