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So I've re-flashed to the latest image and i see serviceapp under the system menu. I've changed the playback to serviceapp, xteplayer3. Still no improvement in the streams. In the morning it seems better than evening time, so it would suggest the VPN is causing the issue. With VPN off, im getting ~130 mb, but with it on to the nearest server its down to less than 10..
What has me also confused is that with VPN on and streaming from the STB to my phone (via dream player app) its perfect, as if there is not VPN on.. would that be even possible?


TK Veteran
I Can on my old H1 turn the vpn on and stream to dreamplayer app everything is fine but it glitches like crazy on the speeds through nord go down to 1mb up and down so i put that down to nordvpn.i would of thought 10 mb would be fine for iptv,Try a test with someone else and see if it does the same,To save all the headaches might be worth just buying a Vpn router like the GL.iNET GL-MT300N-V2



Thanks for the great guide. I'm having issues with 1080p streams stuttering and I was wonder if anyone could advise please? Without VPN it's REALLY bad, I'm guessing my ISP are throttling IPTV traffic hard at the moment. With VPN, 720p streams are fine, but 1080p streams stutter quite a lot. I think my Vu+ Solo2 just can't handle it. I'm using XE plugin and EXTEPLAYER3 and have tried a ton of different settings and no luck. I've tried both Openvix and now OpenATV. I've tried all sorts of video and audio output settings, this didn't help at all either. Is it time to look for a faster box?